Sponsor FAQ

What does the P2F2 membership look like?
P2F2 was created by and for public pension plan finance staff. Members include executive directors, deputy directors, CFOs, Accounting Directors, accounting staff, internal auditors, investment staff, and other finance-related employees.  More than 120 state and local pension systems in 44 states are represented by our roughly 400 members.  Our members are involved in all aspects of the administration of their plans.
When is the P2F2 conference held?
The P2F2 conference is typically held annually in October.  The 2024 conference will be held in Indianapolis October 27 - 30  The 2025 conference will be held in Phoenix October 26 - 29, and the 2026 conference will be held in Orlando October 4 - 7.
What does attendance at the P2F2 conference look like?
Roughly 250 active and retired P2F2 members attend the annual conference.  
How much is the sponsorship fee?
The sponsorship fee for in-person conferences has historically been set at $5,000.  
What will I be entitled to if I become a sponsor?
Sponsors often tell us the P2F2 conference is their favorite conference because we work hard to provide sponsors the ability to network with attendees.  

Sponsors receive a 6 foot table in the sponsor room, free conference attendance for 2 representatives (including all networking activities and meals), ad space in the conference brochure, and an opportunity to introduce themselves and their firm's services to attendees during the conference.  Where the subject matter of conference sessions aligns with sponsor services and expertise, P2F2 often provides sponsors with the opportunity to serve as conference speakers or session moderators, but there is no guarantee that a sponsor will be invited to speak or moderate.
As a sponsor, will I be able to lead a session, either as a speaker or as a moderator?
When we plan in-person conferences the speaker committee develops a list of session topics (largely based on current events and suggestions made by attendees in prior conferences), then looks for the experts in those fields to lead the sessions.  In many cases those experts work for our sponsoring organizations and are invited to speak.  Roughly one-half of our sponsors end up leading a conference session in any given year.  There is no guarantee that a sponsor will be invited to speak or moderate a session when we hold in-person conferences.
Will I receive an attendee list in advance of the P2F2 conference?
Yes.  Once registration has closed we will send you an attendee list, which will include basic contact information (name, system and email address).  You may contact attendees and encourage them to attend sessions your firm is leading and encourage them to visit your exhibitor booth.
Can I sponsor meals or specific events during the P2F2 conference?
No.  Many of our members are not allowed to accept "gifts" from sponsors so we limit sponsor gifts to incidental items that are handed out at sponsor tables or distributed in goody bags.
What materials do sponsors need to provide prior to the 2022 P2F2 conference?
Sponsors will work directly with the Sponsor Committee and will be asked to provide the following:

1.  A .jpg logo file that will be used in the brochure and signage.
2.  Contact information about the representatives who will be given access to meals, sessions and all networking opportunities.
3.  Advertising material for the conference brochure.
If I am interested in becoming a sponsor, how do I get added to the waiting list?
To get added to the waiting list, send an email to Dave DeJonge, the chair of the Sponsor Committee, at information@p2f2.org.  Describe your services your firm provides and how those services are a good fit for the finance staff of public pension plans.  If there are openings for an upcoming conference, we will reach out to firms on the waiting list in April and May.  For instance, our 2023 sponsors will be given first priority when sponsors are selected for the 2024 conference.
Are there opportunities for sponsors to connect with P2F2 members throughout the year?
We include links to each sponsor's website on the home page of our own website (www.p2f2.org).  We also hold quarterly webinars that are occasionally led by sponsoring firms.  If you have suggestions for webinar topics throughout the year, we are always open to hearing those suggestions.


The Public Pension Financial Forum is organized for education, pension advocacy and networking purposes. To support the ongoing education of our membership, we prepare quarterly newsletters, hold member facilitated conference calls and webinars, and host an annual conference.  We also have a Member Forum that allows members to ask questions and receive answers from each other.  To participate in P2F2, follow the member enrollment link above.