Member Enrollment

Membership as an "Individual - Active" member is open to all employees of public pension plans in North America.  Membership dues are $300 per individual for calendar year 2024.  

If you work for a governmental agency, nonprofit or educational institution and interact with public pension plans, you qualify for an Associate membership.  The cost of becoming an Associate member is $300.  Associate members are not voting members, but enjoy the other benefits of membership.

If you have never enrolled in our membership system, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on either the electronic or paper enrollment links.

If you previously enrolled in our system as a member or nonmember, please do not re-enroll as a new member, even if your membership has expired.  Instead, login to the website, click on "Membership Renewal" and follow the prompts to renew your membership.  If you don't remember your login credentials, click on "Member Login" and then on "Forgot your Password?" to have your credentials emailed to you.  For help, please contact the P2F2 administrator at

If you work for a public pension plan, a non-profit entity or an educational institution that works with public pension plans, you are eligible to enroll in our system as a nonmember at no charge.  The cost to attend the annual conference as a nonmember is higher than the member rate, and you will not receive the benefits of being a P2F2 member.

If you work for a "for profit" entity or one of our sponsors, please do not enroll in our membership system.  Please contact our administrator at for help enrolling.  

Plans may also join P2F2 as an organization. This option is provided for systems who require organization membership in order to pay for the membership. There is no discount provided for enrolling as an organization. The organization rate is based upon the number of individuals enrolled under the organization multiplied by $300, and are person-specific.  To explore this option, contact Dave DeJonge at

To enroll as a new member click here to enroll online (our preferred method).

Although it's easier to enroll using the online form above, you can download a paper enrollment form and return it to the address on the form.

Commercial vendors interested in sponsorship of P2F2 (and participation at the annual conference) should contact


The Public Pension Financial Forum is organized for education, pension advocacy and networking purposes. To support the ongoing education of our membership, we prepare quarterly newsletters, hold member facilitated conference calls and webinars, and host an annual conference.  We also have a Member Forum that allows members to ask questions and receive answers from each other.  To participate in P2F2, follow the member enrollment link above.