P2F2 operations are managed by volunteers who serve on a variety of committees.  Some of these committees are responsible for the planning and organization of the annual conference, while others serve members in supporting roles throughout the year.  Below is a description of the functions of each of these committees.  If you are interested in serving on one of these committees please contact us at information@p2f2.org. 
Conference Committees
The committees describe below are directly involved in the planning and execution of the annual conference.
Conference Speaker Committee – This committee determines the topics and speakers for the annual conference and establishes the conference session schedule.  Committee members work with speakers to develop session descriptions and presentation materials, as well as the speaker biographies included in the conference brochure.  The committee generally meets on a weekly basis via conference call from March through June depending on the conference schedule.
Hospitality Committee – This committee is responsible for coordinating all the on-site administrative aspects of the conference.  Members work directly with the hotel personnel and offsite event venues.  They plan all the meals and snacks included in the conference registration, determine what will be included in attendee “goody bags”, coordinate assembly of the attendee registration packets, and handle other non-site tasks such as event transportation and conference signage.  This group has monthly conference calls beginning around February and continuing until just before the start of the conference.
Sponsor Committee – This committee secures conference sponsorships and handles sponsor logistics.  Members are responsible for working with sponsors to obtain signed sponsorship agreements, establishing commitment dates for such things as sponsorship payments and advertising materials for the conference brochure, and coordinating pre-conference and on-site sponsor logistics.  This is a small committee typically comprised of retirees, since most pension systems have ethics clauses that do not allow members to “solicit” sponsors who represent firms that could have potential business relationships with the pension system.
Conference Brochure Committee – This group is responsible for the development of the conference brochure.  Efforts include determining brochure content, researching the conference locale for points of interest, obtaining the necessary brochure materials from other conference committees, drafting, formatting and editing the conference materials, and proof reading the brochure layouts.  The committee secures the services of a print materials layout designer and printer, and works with the designer on the selection of cover options relevant to the conference theme, and finalizing the graphics and layout of the printed brochure.  This is also a relatively small committee and often works under tight deadlines.
Retiree Committee – This committee is comprised of P2F2 members who have retired from public service but continue to support P2F2 in retirement.  The committee provides coverage for a number of conference related functions both in conference planning and on-site services during the conference.  Functions include managing the registration system, assisting members with online and on-site registrations, and answering member questions.  The committee is also responsible for the conference CPE licensing requirements, obtaining CPE scanning equipment services, and coordinating CPE reporting with the support vendor.  During the conference these are the volunteers you typically see manning the registration desk, scanning badges for CPE, and making sure the refreshment tables are adequately stocked.  Committee members are basically “jack-of-all-trades” that fill in wherever needed in planning and executing the conference. 
Operational Support Committees
The committees described below are the “behind the scenes” efforts that support P2F2’s operations and advocacy efforts.
Membership Committee – This committee typically has four or five conference calls each summer and contacts those pension plans that have not yet joined P2F2 to explain the benefits of membership and provide information about the upcoming conference.  This is a great opportunity for someone who is already busy but is willing to spend a couple of hours during the summer contacting potential members.
Advocacy and Technical Issues Review Committee – This committee is responsible for discussing accounting issues, new proposed standards, implementation issues, and overall financial operational issues.  Their input guides the organization on when to respond to newly proposed standards on behalf of the organization.  Their feedback is also used to identify potential educational opportunities for the P2F2 membership, either through a quarterly education session or the annual conference.  This group meets a minimum of quarterly but may meet more frequently as needed.  The is a great option for members that want to discuss the technical issues with other members.  Participation is open to all members, but the group size is limited to allow for meaningful discussion.
Technology Committee – This committee helps keep the website and social media up-to-date and recommends and/or implements new technology to support the organization.  Technologically savvy members are always needed to help with this committee, which meets once or twice a year.
Newsletter Committee – This committee works on developing the quarterly P2F2 newsletter that is distribute to all members.  The committee also helps develop the pre-conference communication newsletters that provide highlights of things to do in the host city as well as what to expect with the annual conference.  The committee also contributes to the daily update letters distributed during the conference.
Retiree Committee – As mentioned above, the Retiree Committee fills in whenever and wherever needed to support other committees and P2F2 operations.  Administrative functions include member support throughout the year, assistance with site evaluations for future conference locations, and preparation of the organization’s annual tax reports.  If you are retiring from public service and have time on your hands, this is a great committee to join where you can be involved in “everything that is P2F2”, or as little as your time constraints can manage.



The Public Pension Financial Forum is organized for education, pension advocacy and networking purposes. To support the ongoing education of our membership, we prepare quarterly newsletters, hold member facilitated conference calls and webinars, and host an annual conference.  We also have a Member Forum that allows members to ask questions and receive answers from each other.  To participate in P2F2, follow the member enrollment link above.