Section: News Articles
IRS Announces 2023 RMD Rollover Relief
RMD rollover relief affects plan participants born in 1951.
Secure 2.0 Highlights for Retirement Sponsors
Secure 2.0 contains several provisions that affect public pension plans.
ASOP 4 Toolkit: Measuring Pension Obligations and LDROM
ASOP 4 Toolkit developed for pension plans to help explain new LDROM actuarial disclosure.
NIRS Report: Real Deal for the Public Sector
This report finds that state and local employees in a typical public defined benefit (DB) pension plan need to save about four to six percent of their salary on their own to ensure adequate retirement income.
IRS Issues 415 and 401 Limits for 2023
SOA Report: COVID 19 Short-Term Impact on Mortality
Was COVID-19 a temporary shock to U.S. mortality or a lingering factor in future U.S. mortality?
NASRA Paper - Overview of Amortization Policies
This paper is a great overview of various amortization policies.
NIRS Report: Fortifying Main Street
IRS Revamps Required Minimum Distribution Rules
The IRS is proposing new regulations related to RMDs for all qualified plans.
2022 IRS Dollar Limitations
2022 IRS dollar limitations compared with 2021 limitations...
Actuarial Standards Board Approves ASOP #4 Changes
This article shows the changes approved in ASOP #4