New Risk Assessment Audit Standards: How Are You Impacted?
Moss Adams led an excellent webinar on June 18, 2024 related to the new risk assessment audit standards.  If you participated in that webinar and met the requirements to obtain CPE, your CPE certificate is available on our website.  If you are a P2F2 member and want to view the webinar recording or download the slide deck, login and click on "Newsletters & Webinars."  

P2F2 hosts free webinars each quarter for members.  We attempt to select topics that are timely and will be interesting for most, if not all, members. Past webinars include the following:

  • How AI is Transforming Technology
  • Secure 2.0 Provisions That Affect Public Plans
  • Understanding the New W-4P and W-4R Forms
  • Understanding Actuarial Experience Study Elements
  • The Public Plans Database and SLGE Update
  • Private Equity Audit Plans
  • Model Funding Policies and Practices
  • GASB's Standard Setting Activities
  • Ethics:  Best Intentions - Why You Fail to Do What's Right
If you have attended a previous webinar and would like to print CPE certificates, login to the P2F2 website and click on "My Certificates."

If you are a P2F2 member and would like to view the recordings of each webinar, they are available by logging in and clicking on "Newsletters & Webinars."

Future webinar dates are preliminarily set for the following dates, subject to speaker availability:
  • Thursday, September 5, 2024
  • Tuesday, December 3, 2024
To register for a webinar, login to the P2F2 website and click on "Account" at the top of the page, then on "Events & Registrations" on the sidebar menu.  You can then click on the name of the webinar and then on "Member Registration."  You must be logged in to register. If you are not yet a P2F2 member, click on "Membership" and then "Membership Enrollment."


The Public Pension Financial Forum is organized for education, pension advocacy and networking purposes. To support the ongoing education of our membership, we prepare quarterly newsletters, hold member facilitated conference calls and webinars, and host an annual conference.  We also have a Member Forum that allows members to ask questions and receive answers from each other.  To participate in P2F2, follow the member enrollment link above.